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(defun Foo (quote ((Babel 'Chinese' 'English'), '#SizeTwitter', 'To be continued.')))

(It's function definition in Lisp, while that's OK if you have no experience of Lisp :-)

Howdy, here is Foo. Or “[Foo]Barz076” in the need to avoid confusion. While I am learning about creating giant girls portfolio illustrations and games to share my hobbies and favourite characters to other friends. >_<

Through English is not my primary language, I still hope to meet more friends crossing this world 😌

One more thing, you may support me on Patreon and get some of my works eariler.

Original Game Works

(Released ✅) Goddess World Travel

It’s my first personal RPG Maker MV project about a random story. With some minor reworks such as Chinese translation and progresses.

There may be some grammar/spelling errors since I am not a native English speaker. Feel free to send me corrections or suggestions!

Encountering Bugs? You can ask me without hesitation if you have the archive directory available.

Reference for readmes about other assets I used.

In addition to purchase on itch, you can also  get supporter version on my Patreon with no encryption of media files compared to the regular version (but beware of drama when opening image directories), and the resolution of images is higher.

Written with <3 by Barz076.


(In Development 🕑) Great Rin Chan's Tiny World Advantures

Main article User:Foo/GreatRinChan/en

(Here are introduction texts updated on 7/25/2022)

Well, it is that game I was shared one year ago behind "Project Untitled", and I picked it up again after I had been busy with other things for a while in the middle, and thought of the name halfway through . 😂

The story opens with Rin being much higher than all around her leaving her hometown for an adventure with her best friend Kagura because of a coincidence. Although the opening is somewhat old-fashioned, it can also be said to be similar to my last work well. (You can even see the same scenes and dialogue as in the previous work 😂)

The current route is basically a relatively gentle, perhaps because I am a little chaotic good tendencies, or I do not know how to do like blood and rubble and other cruel scenes.

All my current Patreon pledger and new pledger with 8$ and more can get early access builds, with decrypted assets, higher resolution of images and optional build with testing features enabled.

Feel free to come and talk to me if you have suggestions or return questions.

Translation Game Works

(Released ✅) PurdasTogether

(I was a little lazy to write descriptions, zzz...)

You may visit for original developer's introduction, and for my translated version.

(Released ✅) SatoriSimulatorMZ

Originaly published by @Parabot310/Paradoxyia ( , SatoriSimulator is a really old but great playable giantess game which you play as Satori to make a big mess in the another little world. (Through last update shown an incomplete route of gentle choices.) While it may inspired Forbidden Play (Created by @nukochigura and me :-)

By some coincidence I try to reimplement it under latest RPG Maker version, but for various reasons, I will only do the work of porting it to the modern version and not tweaking the story as much as possible. Still hope you keep tuned too.

Minor CG works

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